Juice Cleanse FAQ


Q: Why a juice cleanse? 

A:  A cleanse gives your digestive system a well-deserved vacation, rejuvenating your entire body.

Our bodies are continuously bombarded by toxins. In addition to those produced through normal bodily functions, we subject ourselves to countless more daily. Exposure to sunlight and air-born pollutants are unavoidable. Most food is conveniently packed with preservatives and GMOs and that late night on Kirkwood left its mark even after the hangover subsided. Your digestive system, liver and kidneys cannot keep up. Troubled skin, excess weight, and lack of energy can also signal imbalances. 

Juices cleanses are the reset your body needs. They provide all the necessary nutrition while allowing your body to fully detoxify itself. By giving the digestive system a rest, energy can be diverted elsewhere to rejuvenate the entire body.  

Q: What are the differences between the three cleanses?

A: Our options vary by level of sweetness. Sweeter cleanses are easier, but less efficient.

If this is your first cleanse, or it’s been a while, we recommend the beginner cleanse. A perfect mix of citrus, vegetables, and nut milk, it’s the sweetest option and will ease your body into the detoxing process. It’s the perfect jumpstart to that healthy lifestyle you’ve been talking about for years.  

Our intermediate cleanse ups the ante and adds more green-dense juices. Not too sweet, not too strong, it is our most popular option and will leave you detoxed and refreshed. 

For those who want maximum results, our advanced cleanse is the move. It minimizes your sugar intake and floods your system with vegetable-based nutrients and enzymes.  

Q: What side effects should I expect?

A: You may experience some mild side effects.

Because your body is accustomed to fighting toxins, it’s actually a slight shock when it can focus on itself. (Its like boredom during the first year of retirement.) Side effects may include fatigue, dizziness, short bouts of nausea, increased (or decreased) bowel movements, and mild headaches. (These headaches persist more for those who consume caffeine regularly. We suggest weaning from caffeine leading up to the cleanse as much as possible.) Because detoxification is at its peak during the first 48 hours, side effects may be more intense during this time. The positive, refreshing results will soon follow and are well worth the early challenges. 

Q: How long should I cleanse for?

A: We offer 1-5 day cleanses that you can mix and match.

We price our cleanses by the day ($48/day), so you can choose what’s right for you. Most of our customers cleanse for 3-5 days, which is the ideal balance between enjoying the detox and maintaining complete self-control. Because our juices are raw and perishable, we can only deliver up to 3 days at a time.

Q: How to I prepare for my cleanse? 

A:  Minimize dairy, caffeine, wheat, refined sugar, nicotine, and alcohol.

One to three days out, start minimizing these foods. Doing so will maximize detoxification and minimize any possible side effects. The length of preparation largely depends on the frequency with which you consume these substances. If you live the life of a 70s’ rock star, maybe take a week or two. 

Q: I’m really hungry! Can I eat?

A: Eating minimizes detoxification, so if you need to eat, stick to the recommended ones below.

We do not recommend eating solid food during the cleanse, but we know the struggle is real. If you need to eat, the lighter the better. This is because when your body spends energy digesting food, the detox process is slowed. Celery, cucumber, apples, bananas, avocados, carrots, chia seeds, or almonds soaked in water are all great options. We also recommend blending your juice with a frozen banana or soaked almonds. This adds substance to your juice and will fill your stomach. 

Q: What if I’m tired? Can I drink coffee?

A: We recommend going for yerba mate or green tea instead. 

It is 100% normal and healthy to feel tired while cleansing. Your body is working hard to cleanse itself while it doesn’t have to deal with toxins. A bit of lethargy is totally natural, but drinking coffee is not the answer! Caffeine stimulates the liver, which is completely counterproductive. If you need a boost of energy, opt for fresh yerba mate or green tea! Both provide a productive pick-me-up.

Q: Can I work out? 

A: Just like food, the lighter the better!

The detoxification process itself is a workout for your body, so stick to light exercise. Yoga, pilates, jogging, and walking etc are all great option. If you plan on working out, save a sweeter juice to drink afterwards. These juices will best replenish your glycogen stores and help minimize that post-work feeling.

Q: Should I consult my physician before a juice cleanse?

A: Yes. As with most things, doctors know best.

While juice cleanses have universal benefits, not everybody is created exactly the same. Please consult your physician before ordering your cleanse, especially if you are currently taking any prescription drugs or have medical conditions. If you are currently pregnant or nursing, we recommend waiting to cleanse!